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Despite the complex nature of the Electronic Fuel Injection system they are easy to troubleshoot (when you know what you are doing). When a car is taken for the Electronic Fuel Injection service and the system's components are found to be broken they cannot be adjusted. This means that a mechanic cannot replace any worn out or defective parts. Often the problem is with a blockage or there could be a mechanical fail involved.


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When a fuel injector does not allow any fuel to flow from the pressurized fuel line into the intake port it has to be replaced. An engine has to warm up for a few minutes when it is turned on. In case it takes longer than usual to do this then the fuel injector is either clogged or cannot open. Modern gasoline engines are built with a multiple cylinder design. The design is meant to smooth out the pulses of individual cylinders for a steady rotational speed. Once the fuel injector stops working the engine experiences hiccups with every cycle it completes, this results in vibrations and stutters. Delayed or stumbled acceleration is also another indication that something is amiss.

There are times when the fuel injector is either stuck open of is partially closed. In such scenarios a person can smell the odour of unburned fuel from the engine compartment; it seeps through the vents and tail pipe. With time the fuel consumption increases because the fuel injector is worn out and is injecting excess fuel.

If a car has more than 6 cylinders it may have malfunctions that go unnoticed. Be wary if the engine's computer asks you to check the engine light. The engine has sensors that evaluate the health of the EFI system. Modern vehicles are designed to detect a change in performance before the driver does. Every time the check engine light blinks take your vehicle to a mechanic. The professionals have electronic code reading tools that can diagnose the problem. Once the results of the tests are out the mechanic will know whether to clean the fuel injection system or replace it.


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