Wheel Alignment


If you're trying to drive in a straight line but your car has other ideas, it's probably time to get your wheels realigned. This is a relatively simple process which requires the use of some advanced equipment.

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Poor or incorrect Wheel alignment can lead to many problems:

  • Handling issues
  • Driving problems
  • Inexplicable movement to one side
  • Unprompted favouring of one side
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Fuel efficiency 


What is really causing your car's wheel alignment problems? It really all gets back to your cars toe or tracking. Your toe or tracking is a symmetric issue; it is the angle that your wheels make on the longitudinal axis of the vehicle. What basically happens is that your car wheels point in one direction (toe in) or another toe out. If your toe tracking is off then not only are you not able to drive straight but you are also experiencing substantial wear on your car's tires. Your steering is also going to be considered highly unpredictable.

Because we all are drivers we all know the importance of being able to travel in the direction we would like to. When we need to turn we want to be able to turn; when we want to stay straight we should have that luxury. Our cars toe or tracking can be the underlying issue in our cars wheel alignment.



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